building and enhancing customer relationships.

We partner with our clients to improve customer and user experience, strengthen retention, streamline acquisition and communicate more effectively with the people they serve.

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Find Focus.

We use best-in-class measurement and data collection techniques to bring your market into focus.

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Illuminating Insights.

We turn numbers and observations into knowledge, giving you a competitive advantage for making evidence-based decisions.

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Rise Above.

We deliver more discerning analysis to transform knowledge into integrated strategies and executable tactics.

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We help companies compete more effectively by gaining a deeper understanding of what matters most to the people they serve.

We eliminate the clutter and reveal what really matters, giving our clients clear direction to make optimal business decisions.

We are a team of innovate thought leaders with the experience to approach market research in a new way. The academic background of our senior analysts ensures that all studies are conducted using rigorous sampling and leading scientific methodologies. We combine this with critical and creative thinking – and our own proven theoretical models of consumer behavior – to deliver a precise understanding of how to move the mind of the market.

What distinguishes our work is the quality of thinking that goes into the design, execution and analysis of every research assignment. We have a passion for learning and problem solving and we bring that energy and enthusiasm to every assignment. We believe that nothing is more exciting than a challenge, and nothing more rewarding than discovery.

We have had years of experience working closely with RKM on political polling and opinion research and from the outset have found Kelly Myers and his team to be extraordinary in every respect. From selecting a sample and formulating a questionnaire to conducting the survey and analyzing the results, RKM's team is professional, prompt and precise. In a business where credibility and reputation are so important, RKM is the gold standard.

Joseph Sciacca, Editor-in-Chief at the Boston Herald