Our Approach

Our methods and our facilities set us apart. By leading the industry, we provide our clients with the best available resources so that they can succeed.


We have a passion for problem solving

The best research gets to the best information.

We start with the client, co-developing the most relevant and information rich questionnaire to achieve the goals of the project.

Our in-house execution means we can dig deeper into the data, and makes pre-testing an integral part of every project we undertake.

We carefully analyze the results using advanced statistics and appropriate evaluative tools. We use predictive analytics to understand, and learn how to affect, the way customers think and behave.

We deliver market-based interpretations rooted in a solution-oriented understanding that enable our clients to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.

By carefully listening to our clients, we are able to establish clear objectives that drive the selection of an appropriate methodology supported by a well conceived analytical plan. We achieve a higher level of quality because our work is based on clear and cogent thinking, supported by methodological rigor.

RKM provides a roadmap for success by highlighting specific messages that are proven to move the needle. That type of actionable information is invaluable, particularly when an organization is looking to make a change. That coupled with professionalism makes RKM an incredible partner.

Our State-of-the-Art Facility

Our facility is equipped with an in-house computer-assisted mixed-mode interviewing system, supported by dedicated fiber optic voice-over IP phone service.

Telephone and online surveys are programmed, administered, and coordinated from our central office using proprietary software that is audio- and visually-enabled, and measures task-timing functions in milliseconds.

The enhanced continuity, integration and coordination within our field unit of interviewers, team leads, and analysts offer several quality assurance advantages

High-level quality control through extensive direct training and continuous monitoring of interviewers

Seamless communication between interviewers, team leads and project analysts

Direct pre-test feedback from highly trained interviewers and team leads concerning question wording, questionnaire length and incidence rates

Control over schedule, giving us flexibility and control to complete projects on a timely basis

Sound good?

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We are hard working, down to earth people and you’ll find us easy to talk to because we like to listen. Even if you’re not sure where to begin, we can help guide you through your questions to identify a path to success.

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