We dig deeper so you can climb higher

Our experience and approach enable us to deliver superior insight.


Informed decisions, greater profitability

uncover the underlying predictors of consumer behavior

Whether the goal is to boost customer loyalty, increase profitability, acquire new customers, launch a marketing campaign, introduce new products or enter new markets, managers can use consumer surveys to identify the most efficient and effective course of action.

Carefully crafted and well-conceived research delivers this insight because it identifies the causal relationships between consumer attitudes and opinions with actual consumer behavior.

For managers to derive valuable, strategic insight into the mind-of-the-market, the research must be based on a complete and comprehensive theoretical understanding of market processes and a precise understanding of the variations in the path of adoption among unique market segments.

Quantitative surveys rely on the superior analytical capabilities of our survey team, and the know-how to pull the relevant information out of the data to turn numbers into knowledge

Qualitative surveys dive deeply into the human experience, and make it possible for our analysts to observe hidden characteristics that impact user experience, and ultimately, our clients’ bottom lines

The team at RKM is knowledgeable, thorough and accommodating. As is sometimes the case, something will arise at the last minute; RKM has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure a quick turnaround and provided results within a very small window of time. I would highly recommend their services to any seeking research services.

Who we can help

Our services are targeted to any company or organization that believes it can improve its performance and competitive position through a deeper understanding of how best to serve the needs and interests of its current and prospective customers.

All of our work is rooted in a foundational theoretical understanding of how companies:

  1. Can attract new customers as efficiently and effectively as possible
  2. Keep the ones they already have.

We deconstruct these growth and retention objectives into their component experiences, providing our clients with clearly-specified strategies and tactics to maximize customer loyalty and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Perhaps more important, our work is informed by a clear and cogent proprietary conceptual model of the process that moves consumers from Awareness-to-Action (the key to customer acquisition) and Action-to-Advocacy (the key to customer retention).

“We can help any small, large or mid-sized organization seriously committed to understanding the best way to serve their customers and constituencies.”

A straightforward business philosophy

Our first responsibility is to provide our clients with high-quality actionable research, supported by relationship-building customer service. By delivering insight that enables our clients to outperform their competitors, we create long-lasting, trust-based business relationships that serve our clients’ interests and our own.

Put our experience to work for you

Our experience and approach enable us to deliver superior insight. We carefully identify and frame what our clients need to know in order to guide business planning and achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

We offer more innovative solutions because our background enables us to leverage our broad experience and bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to each new assignment. We are organized to be more efficient and more productive, which, in turn, gives us the flexibility to complete projects more quickly when needed.