Research Objective

To provide our clients with an outline of our broad capabilities.

About RKM Research and Communications

Market research is a means to an end. And that goal is to identify solutions to business challenges that create competitive advantage. It starts with a problem (or objective) and ends with a solution.

We combine proven quantitative and qualitative research techniques with original thinking to deliver strategically integrated solutions to meet our clients’ business needs. We work with companies and organizations to identify the most efficient and effective way to meet the interests and preferences of the people they serve. We add value by working closely and collaboratively with our clients to identify the specific information they need to address their most pressing business challenges, and then gather the information they need to make fully-informed, evidence-based business decisions. Our highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team of analysts identifies market-based solutions that our clients use to improve their performance based on a more foundational understanding of what matters most to their consumers and constituencies.

Our highly experienced team has a passion for problem solving. We bring energy and enthusiasm to every assignment. Research is an originative process that requires a tireless commitment to methodological rigor, critical thinking, advanced statistical data analysis, exacting attention to detail, objective interpretation and innovative problem-solving skills.

Our approach

Our work is guided by a simple but disciplined approach that views research as a way for businesses and organizations to improve their performance based on a clear and straightforward awareness of what drives success.

We believe that good research starts with the best possible information:

  • Through improved questionnaire design, innovative measurement techniques and superior data collection quality, our research starts with the most valid, reliable and predictive data.

We believe that effective decision-making requires more than good judgment.:

  • Through clear and cogent analysis, our research explains consumer preference and choice, giving managers systematic information to make evidence-based business decisions.

We believe that business performance is advanced through competitive insight:

  • Through careful interpretation, we create competitive advantage by delivering market-based solutions rooted in a deeper understanding of the most efficient and effective ways to meet the interests, needs and preferences of consumers.

We exist to make important – and sometimes difficult – business decisions easier and more reliable for the companies and organizations with whom we work.

Market research services

Quantitative research services

  • Customer loyalty research
  • Brand tracking research
  • Consumer choice modeling (discrete choice)
  • Social and commercial marketing campaigns
  • Customer acquisition research
  • Brand association research
  • Customer and user experience (CX and UX)
  • Advertising effectiveness research
  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • Communications development
  • Brand research
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Distribution channel audits
  • Strategic image surveys
  • Advertising effectiveness research
  • Public opinion polling (consumer attitude and election polling research)
  • Brand positioning research
  • Economic impact modeling
  • Image and awareness studies
  • Demand estimation
  • Buyer decision processing
  • Program evaluation
  • Brand attribute gap analysis

Quantitative research expertise

  • Research design
  • Online experiments
  • Stratification (over-sampling)
  • Probabilistic dual-frame sampling with landlines and mobile phones
  • Stratification (over-sampling)
  • Complex sample design
  • Complex weighting (RIMS)
  • Controlling for latency, primacy and context effects

Typically, quantitative research is used to describe and explain how customer think and behave the way they do. It uses measurable information to formulate conclusions and identify key findings based on patterns found in the data. Quantitative research is usually based on surveys using various methods of data collection.

Qualitative research services

  • Focus groups (phenomenology)
  • One-on-one in-depth interviews (case study)
  • Usability testing
  • Observational methods (user experience and process evaluation)
  • Participant-written cases and accounts (narrative user and customer experience)
  • Ethnography

Qualitative research expertise

  • Projective elicitation
  • Reflective laddering
  • Re-directive / non-directive questioning
  • Distinguishing semantic and episodic recall
  • Consensus and perceptual mapping
  • Implicit construct identification

Typically, qualitative research is used to describe and explain why customer think and behave the way they do. It is used to gather rich, contextual information that can be used to understand underlying thought processes that drive specific consumer choices. It can be used to develop hypotheses to test quantitatively, or information to develop perceptual maps.



Since 1997, we have proven experience conducting telephone and online surveys at the local, regional, state, national and international level. We regularly conduct B2C and B2B research spanning a vast international geography and inclusive of multi-lingual audiences.


We work with a wide variety of clients serving a wide variety of industries. The breadth of our experience enables us to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to every assignment. We also have extensive experience with state-of-the-art analytics and advanced statistics, enabling us to provide our clients with definitive insight to achieve their business objectives.


We recognize that each of our clients is unique, and that every assignment we are tasked with has different business and planning objectives. We know that every business is unique, every market has different characteristics and the marketing and growth goals of different organizations vary by market, competitive positioning and opportunities at any given time. The research we conduct for our clients is highly customized to meet the specific goals of each individual assignment.

Clients served

We have broad experience working with a variety of clients:

  • Private companies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Publicly owned corporations
  • Federal, state and local agencies
  • Media organizations (electronic and print)
  • Membership organizations

Industries served

We have broad experience working with a variety of industries:

  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Health insurance
  • Technology
  • Utilities (Gas, Electric and Water)
  • Telecommunications
  • Advertising
  • Newspapers
  • Realties
  • Energy suppliers
  • Agriculture
  • Marketing
  • School districts
  • Professional services
  • Manufacturing
  • Auto dealerships
  • Financial services
  • Transportation
  • Risk-management
  • Public relations
  • Higher education
  • Municipalities (Planning Committees)
  • Cable operators
  • Television
  • Construction
  • Wholesale / retail

State-of-the-Art Facility

Data collection is conducted and managed from our central data collection facility in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Unlike most marketing research firms which out-source their data collection, RKM Research has its own in-house, state-of-the-art telephone and online data collection systems. These data collection systems enhance continuity, integration and coordination. In addition, our in-house data collection capabilities offer several specific advantages, including:

  • Quality control through direct oversight of survey design and programming.
  • Direct control over the schedule of work and the release of sample records, which gives us more flexibility to complete projects on an accelerated schedule (as needed).
  • Seamless communication between senior directors, project managers, phone and web programmers, supervisors and interviewers.
  • Quality control over the interview process through unobtrusive tracking of phone and online surveys in real time.
  • Control over sample management, including the use of sample replicates and sub-replicates.

The addition of an in-house data collection capability also ensures that everyone involved in the data collection, data analysis and data presentation are in constant contact. While this is often overlooked, we have learned from experience that open and ongoing communication between senior directors, data analysts, programmers, data collection supervisors and interviewers increase data collection quality, which in turn, improves data validity and reliability significantly.

We also have extensive experience conducting multimode surveys, which include a sample of respondents from landline and mobile phones, online interviews and one-on-one in-depth interviews.

Advanced analytics

In addition to univariate and bivariate statistics, we have extensive experience with advanced analytics to support the needs of the most demanding projects, including:

  • Linear and non-linear regression
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • TURF analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Card sorting
  • Structural equation modeling (SEM)
  • Advanced segmentation analysis
  • Hierarchical Beysian estimation
  • Discrete choice analysis
  • Logistic regression
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Discriminant analysis

Contact us

For more information, please contact R. Kelly Myers by phone (603.319.4269) or e-mail (kmyers@rkm-research.com).