Why Work with Us

Research Objective

To gather and analyze evidence-based information that creates competitive advantage.

Executive summary

This paper provides a brief description of who we are, the companies and organizations we can help, what makes us unique and why companies and organizations should work with us to conduct their market research.

We are a full-service market research firm specializing in leading-edge quantitative and qualitative research services. We conduct research at the local regional, state, national and international level, including multi-lingual telephone and web-based surveys. Our analyst staff includes a multi-disciplinary team, combining innovative ideas with methodological rigor to deliver competitive business insight. We provide our clients with custom-designed research services to improve business performance. Our success is based on our unflagging commitment to helping our clients better understand what matters most to their customers. We identify opportunities to more closely align operational, marketing and communication tactics into a coherent brand strategy.

We use the most advanced research and measurement techniques to guide the development of evidence-based strategies and tactics to create competitive advantage. We gather information, transform it into knowledge through predictive analytics, and develop strategies and tactics to guide planning, strategy, marketing, communications and creative decision-making.

Our mission

We exist to create value by making important – and sometimes difficult – business decisions easier and more reliable for the companies and organizations with whom we work.

It is our mission to help our clients achieve competitive advantage based on a scientific understanding of what matters most to their current and prospective customers so they can improve what they offer, strengthen their market position and communicate more effectively with those they serve.

Our philosophy

Our first responsibility is to provide our clients with high quality actionable research, supported by relationship-building customer service. We believe that the best companies in any industry are those committed to creating meaningful value for their customers, and this philosophy informs how we run our business and how we work to help our clients.

By delivering insight that enables our clients to achieve their goals, we create long-lasting, trust-based business relationships that serve our clients’ interests and our own.

Our team

We are a team of thought leaders, driven by a passion for understanding and predicting consumer behavior based on marketing science. Our unique ideas and unrivaled commitment to problem solving enable us to deliver results that empower our clients to outperform their competitors based on market research that matters.

We place extraordinary emphasis on the process of measurement and data collection quality to ensure that we have the most valid, reliable and predictive data to begin our work. We carefully analyze our research results using advanced statistical techniques and appropriate evaluative tools to turn numbers into knowledge. We apply what we learn to develop integrated strategies and executable tactics that our clients use to better serve their customers and constituencies.

What distinguishes our work is the quality of thinking that goes into the design, execution and analysis of every research assignment. We have a passion for learning and problem solving, and we bring that energy and enthusiasm to every assignment.

We partner with our clients

We enter into every assignment with a strong commitment to improving the business performance of the companies and organizations with whom we work. We view ourselves as a partner with a shared commitment to our clients’ business goals. Our approach is to work closely and collaboratively with our clients to ensure we deliver research results that are focused on actionable strategy and executable tactics. This highly collaborative approach assures that our research remains focused on the specific objectives that our clients need to understand in order to make fully-informed business decisions.

We offer our clients a higher level of quality because we include them in the research process. We combine our research expertise with our clients’ subject matter experts (SMEs) to custom design each project. We use iterative processes that keep our clients engaged in the research process from beginning to end, ensuring that we draw on their expert input. A normal assignment typically involves several drafts and revisions of the research questionnaire. A typical research engagement includes several on-site presentations to make certain that our clients fully understand our findings, conclusions and recommendations. We also draft unique reports and presentations customized to different internal audiences.

We are acutely sensitive to the importance of presenting research results in a clear, concise and actionable format. Although some of the statistical techniques we use are highly complex, we have extensive experience making that information accessible and meaningful to a diverse audience, including novice and expert alike.

Responsive service

We understand that quality is not the only thing our clients value from us. We also recognize that our clients want responsive service. Our customers expect cost estimates to be provided on a timely basis, they expect work completed on schedule, they expect calls and e-mails answered quickly and they deserve to work with honest, hard-working people committed to the success of every project.

We are a niche research company, and the advantage of working with us is that our clients always have direct access to the most senior researchers at the firm.

We uncover what really predicts behavior

We believe that achieving a deeper understanding of what consumers (B2B and B2C) want and expect is essential to effective business planning. Our work continually seeks to understand not only what consumers think and feel, but how these cognitive and emotional processes influence the way consumers behave. We add value by identifying the metrics that explain and predict consumer behavior, providing clear direction to improve performance and create competitive advantage for our clients. Our thinking reflects the multi-disciplinary strength of our analyst team. Our work draws on several academic disciplines, including marketing, cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, sociology, neuro-marketing, communications, linguistics and evolutionary theory.

Our work builds on a growing body of academic literature that demonstrates how human behavior is driven by a combination of controlled (conscious) and automatic (non-conscious) mental processing systems (Bargh and Chaiken, 1996; Bargh and Chartrand, 1999), many of which automatically trigger immediate emotional intuitions (Haidt, 2001). More recent research underscores the importance of measuring intuition, emotion and subtle interpersonal cues because they are the most powerful predictors of behavior (Zaltman, 2003; Ariely 2008; Brafman and Brafman, 2008; Shermer, 2008; Lehrer, 2009; Brooks, 2011).

We use the approach that best matches our clients’ research needs

We are able to dig deeper because we think more critically and creatively about the challenges our clients face and place no limits on the range of possible solutions.

Our approach to every assignment is methodologically neutral, which means we allow the objectives of each assignment to determine the research design using a proven method to frame our thinking about a project from beginning to end. This ensures that our work is focused on the precise and specific objectives of each assignment. Depending on the assignment, we use a combination of quantitative and/or qualitative techniques to achieve the specific objectives of each project. We do not approach any assignment with a pre-determined research methodology or template. We are flexible in our approach and let the need for information dictate the choice of an appropriate methodology.

We specialize in a variety of quantitative research services, including telephone surveys, online surveys, mail surveys and intercept surveys. We also specialize in a variety of qualitative research services, including focus groups, one-on-one in-depth interviews (IDIs), usability testing and observational methods.

We understand and value high quality data

Unlike most other market research firms that outsource their data collection, we maintain our own in-house, state-of-the-art computer-assisted mixed-mode interviewing system for telephone and online surveys, as well as on-site programming capabilities for all projects that involve data collection. Our field unit of interviewers, team leads and project analysts dramatically enhance data quality and improve timely project coordination.

Every study is conducted using the most advanced scientific methodologies, supported by the highest standards of quality control. We have a unique organizational structure that makes us more efficient and more responsive. We have a fully integrated team of senior analysts, programmers, project staff, team leads and interviewers that works together every day – at the same location – to ensure that every project is completed seamlessly, from beginning to end, on time and on budget.

Who we help

Our services are available to any company or organization that believes it can improve its performance and competitive position through a deeper understanding of how best to serve the needs and interests of its current and prospective customers.

All our work is rooted in a foundational theoretical understanding of how companies: 1) can attract new customers as efficiently and effectively as possible; and 2) keep the ones they already have. We deconstruct these growth and retention objectives into their component experiences, providing our clients with clearly-specified strategies and tactics to maximize customer loyalty and reduce customer acquisition costs. Perhaps more important, our work is informed by a distinct and cogent proprietary conceptual model of the process that moves consumers from Awareness-to-Action (the key to customer acquisition) and Action-to-Advocacy (the key to customer retention).

Put our experience to work for you

Our experience and approach enable us to deliver superior insight. We carefully identify and frame what our clients need to know in order to guide business planning and achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. We offer more innovative solutions because our background enables us to leverage our broad experience and bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to each assignment, offering more innovative solutions. And we are organized to be more efficient and more productive, which, in turn, gives us the flexibility to complete projects more quickly when needed.

Our competitive advantage is rooted in our collaborative approach to working with our clients, our energy and passion for problem solving and our emphasis on providing our clients with integrated strategies and executable tactics to make well-informed, evidence-based business decisions.

For more information, please contact R. Kelly Myers by phone (603.319.4269) or e-mail (kmyers@rkm-research.com).